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  2.   Heap Launches Customer Insight Automation 'First'  
  3.   WiseWorks Expands Global Sales Team  
  4.   We're off now for Christmas  
  5.   Ogury Launches Lituus Audience Targeting Algorithm  
  6.   Advertiser Perceptions Founders Change Roles  
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Event details

Research & Results 2018

24/10/18 - 25/10/18

The International Event Of The Market Research Industry - Don't Miss It!

With almost 3,300 participants from 48 nations, Research & Results not only set a new visitor record in its 12th year, it also set new quality standards: 90% of all those surveyed were (highly) satisfied with their visit to the show. With 104 workshops, the new Innovation Area and 180 exhibitors from 25 countries, Research & Results remains the world's leading market research show.

Whether you are a full-service agency, field and IT service provider or specialty supplier: Reserve your stand for Research & Results 2018 and meet with high-level clients and decision-makers!

Potential exhibitors will find registration forms and other information here.

For more information visit www.research-results.com.

The Venue

MOC Convention Center - Munich, Germany.


Admission is free for registered visitors (starting in September).