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Event details

ASC One Day Conference Series


'Alexa, what's the future of market research?' The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to surveys.

AI and machine learning is playing an ever greater part in our lives, and survey research is no exception. Developers are continually searching for ways to automate processes to reduce costs. Early automation looked to remove simple repetitive tasks but systems such as IBM's Watson now have knowledge workers in their sights. This conference aims to look at how AI and machine learning is impacting on survey research.

The conference will include presentations on:

  • How market researchers are actually using AI in the survey process now.
  • Tagging and categorisation of text, images and video, with analysis of techniques and available tools.
  • Validation of machine learning systems.
  • The overlap/differences between statistical analysis and machine learning.
For full details, please visit ascconference.org .

The Venue

ORT House, 126 Albert Street, London, NW1 7NE


Members: (ASC, MRS, WIRe or ICG) £150.44 - Non-Members: £182.78