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Research+Results, Munich, October 23rd - 24th 2019

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  1.   WPP Shortlists Four Kantar Bidders *  
  2.   Nguyen Leaves Comscore Amid Job Cuts, Possible Sale *  
  3.   Kantar Combines Panels for Profiles Network Launch  
  4.   Comscore Wins Business, Faces New Legal Action  
  5.   New Name for Market Strategies International-Morpace  
  6.   UK Consultants Launch 'Insight Leaders' Collective  
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Event details

The Research Club - London Summer Party

1/8/19 - 7.00pm - 12.00am

Secure your early bird tickets now and join us on Thursday 1st August at the Corinthian Roof Terrace for some fun in the sun.

If you attended last year, you'll know this is the party of the summer. Enjoy fine hospitality, an open bar and a delicious BBQ buffet at Kia Oval Cricket Ground.

More info available at theresearchclub.com

The Venue

The Kia Oval Cricket Ground, Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SS


Early Bird Ticket (Sales End July 12, 2019) £65.00 + VAT £13.00