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Behavioural Ad Targeting

Behavioural Ad Targeting
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Segmentation and Modelling
The past year: Major news stories and initiatives The past year: Major news stories and initiatives.
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Behavioural Ad Targeting

Ipsos Launches 'Affluent Digital Audiences'
In New York, Ipsos Affluent Intelligence (IAI) has launched a solution to reach high-value audiences identified by its study of affluent Americans, for targeting with digital ad campaigns. More.
PlaceIQ and IRI Link Off-line Sales to OOH Sponsorships
Location intelligence firm PlaceIQ has teamed up with IRI to link off-line sales to out-of-home (OOH) sponsorships, providing a 'holistic view' of customer journeys and enabling marketers to understand the value of their outdoor campaigns. More.
SMEXIT - a Clean Slate for Kantar
It's been a running gag in the DRNO office for years: 'Is that everything for today?' 'Yes, unless Martin Sorrell quits between now and 6 o'clock'. Now, rather unexpectedly, it's happened - but what does Sir Martin's departure mean for WPP and for its 'DIM' division, Kantar? More.

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What's Included?
By monitoring and analysing web usersí online habits itís possible to segment them, and offer them appropriate ads and other content, hugely appealing to advertisers. This means using cookies and Ďtrackingí people. It also means convincing both the public and various privacy groups that it can be, and that it is, thoroughly anonymous.


WebTrends Inc
We help you turn the data generated by your web site, blogs, online campaigns and enterprise systems into understanding of your customers and, ultimately, business opportunity. www.webtrends.com

A global personalisation technology company that makes content and advertising more relevant to consumers. Our innovative platform delivers a more interesting online experience, with industry-leading privacy standards. www.phorm.com

Rentrak Corporation is an industry-advancing media measurement and research company, providing content measurement, analytical services and unique insight to the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry. www.rentrak.com

eXelate, the first and largest open marketplace for online targeting data, and the leader in data management tools for publishers. www.exelate.com


Audience Science - ClearSight Interactive - eXelate - Harris Interactive - Nielsen - Phorm - Rentrak - TRA - WebTrends

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