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Launch for 'Opinion Economy' Blockchain Exchange

October 9 2018

In the US this week sees the launch of The Opinion Economy, an anonymous public marketplace for trading and monetizing behavioral and opinion data.

Ted WazUsing a system patented earlier this year by 20|20 Research CEO Isaac Rogers, the company uses a Software-as-a-Service platform known as C-IDEAS to help identify and capture consumer opinions and behavioral data in a secure manner. The new firm is led by entrepreneur and blockchain/artificial intelligence specialist Ted Waz (pictured), and has now had its first fully blockchain-enabled transaction, with 20|20 inviting a group of 'early adopter' respondents to enrol.

In the coming weeks, the system will be scaled to include tens of thousands of consumers, whose reputation scores, transactions and engagement profiles will all be tracked in the firm's ledger. Additionally, more than a dozen brands and research companies have committed to the early adopter program and will enrol on the system by the end of 2018.

Waz comments: 'Over the past two years, thousands of hours of work and effort have gone into making this moment happen. While it starts with just a small handful of transactions, what we've put in motion will soon disrupt the incumbent global panel and sample value chain. By removing non-value-added middlemen and connecting brands and consumers directly, we've developed the keys to unlock over a billion dollars of economic value and eliminated the rampant fraud that occurs in legacy systems'.

Web site: www.opinionblockchain.com .

All articles 2006-19 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas.

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