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you'll find daily updates of DRNO news items relating to online communities (aka MROCs) and custom-built research panels; relevant cuttings of other news from around the Web; selected feature articles from our sponsor, other contributors and from other sites that have impressed us; and MR jobs with a focus in this area. Feedback always gratefully received!.

Today's selection of cuttings and submissions (updated Fri Oct 12 2018)

What Is The Real Value Of An Online Brand Community? Impact, not ROI Read more

In the past few years, says FeverBee's Richard Millington, the community sector has largely been divided into two camps about community value. We can call these the 'True Believers' and the 'ROI Advocates'. The former generally feel an organization should have a community even if they can't prove the value of it. 'What's the ROI of your mother? Read it

Minority of B2B content marketers use panels / customer feedback to research topics Read more

'Less (sic) than half of enterprise-oriented marketers are actually talking to customers to inform the stories they tell, according to the latest B2B content marketing research from the Content Marketing Institute. Feedback from sales team is the leading research method (74% of survey respondents), followed by website analytics and keyword research. Customer conversations came in at 42 per cent, second-last before 'other''. Read it

Communities the Hot Property in UK MR Read more

[from DRNO but an extra plug for it here in case you didn't see it...] In the first of two close-ups from the British Research Barometer, we strip away the hype and look at the actual growth of new techniques and technologies. Our evidence points firmly to online communities as the one to watch, with mobile, social media, neuroscience and big data chasing Read it


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Learned in the Trenches - summarizing the lessons from one company's enterprise Community journey
- Peter Shafer, Vice President, Digital Solutions at our sponsor, Toluna (MRT)

In with the Right Crowd?. Ask a thousand people, at a music festival, to guess the weight of a cow, and take the average, they'll get the wrong answer... getting the right people in your community is crucial, says Paul Twite - MD, Europe and MENA at Toluna (MRT)

Should Insight Communities be Branded or Unbranded? - Boston-based community specialist My-Take looks at how to decide - late Oct '17 (WEB )

In the News...

Canadian MR Association 'CRIC' to Open Early Next Year
Canada's new MR industry association now has a name, the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC); and aims to hold its first open board meeting in Q1 of 2019. ESOMAR standards, which had already been the basis of industry standards in Canada, will be endorsed by the new body. More.
New P2Sample Tools Improve Respondent Experience
US-based, tech-driven sample provider P2Sample has enhanced its insight automation platform with AI-based technology called P2Perform, and says it will 'dramatically improve' respondent targeting and conversion rates. More.
System1 Betting Big on Ad Ratings Launch
In a trading update for the six months to September 30th, UK-based insight and advertising agency System1 has announced a jump in underlying profit, but a slower than hoped turnaround for its key indicator, gross profit. Meanwhile the firm is investing heavily in its new Ad Ratings product. More.

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Feature Archive / 2016-2017

3 lessons ... from Coca-Cola's global innovation community - from the Vision Critical blog, Oct '17 (WEB )

Five Challenges to Overcome - for Successful Market Research Online Communities - by Lisa Boughton, on GreenBook Blog, April '17.

Current Jobs in this Sector

Community Manager - Social Media Research, Chicago, IL, USA (posted Oct 16th 2018)

Research Manager - Innovative and Award Winning Agency, Manchester (UK) (posted Oct 12th 2018)

Qualitative Associate Director, Consumer - Communities / Online, London (posted Oct 12th 2018)

Account Manager - Boutique Research Thinking, Sydney (posted Oct 10th 2018)

Senior Account Manager, Real-Time Customer Insights, Sydney (posted Oct 10th 2018)

Qual Research Manager, Boutique Research Consultancy - International Consumer Markets, London (posted Oct 10th 2018)

Community Manager - Social Media Research, Culver City, CA, USA (posted Oct 9th 2018)

Qual Research Director, Online Qual and Ethnography - Vibrant Research Consultancy, London (posted Oct 8th 2018)

Qual RE, Spanish and English Markets - Help Innovate Global Brands, London (posted Oct 5th 2018)

Qualitative Insights Director - FMCG, Melbourne, Aus (posted Oct 3rd 2018)