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you'll find daily updates of DRNO news items relating to mobile survey technology and mobile usage data; relevant cuttings of other news from around the Web; selected feature articles from our sponsor, other contributors and from other sites that have impressed us; and MR jobs with a focus in this area. Feedback always gratefully received!.

Today's selection of cuttings and submissions (updated Thurs Oct 18 2018)

Internet, social media use and device ownership in the US have plateaued Read more

...over the last two years, according to the Pew Research Center. Social media sits at 69% in 2018, as it did in 2016, cellphone at 95% (NB not all of these are smartphones), and Internet usage at 88-9%. However this slightly masks other trends towards the technologies - for example the proportion who are 'smartphone only Internet users' has risen from 12% to 20% in that time. Read it

Sub-Saharan Africa is the world's fastest-growing mobile region Read more

According to a GSMA survey. The region - including 37 countries ranging from South Africa and Nigeria, to Angola, Cameroon, and Mali - has led the world in mobile take-up growth in the past few years, 'though a range of issues now threaten that momentum. Three-quarters of the population (747m people) have a SIM connection, but mobile subscriber penetration is just 44 percent, well behind a global average of 66 percent. Read it

In-store tech usage - including those who don't... Read more

As part of a multi-country study of shopping habits published this summer, YouGov examined the retail preferences of 2,700 respondents. The study revealed that almost one in five affluent US consumers avoid technology usage while in store. Plus some other top lines from the study. Read it

RECENT FEATURES from around the industry...

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NEW for October: Mobile ethnography and the curse of the 'over question'. '...instead of just sharing the moment, your participant is now distracted with five questions to answer during their shop'. Participants should be able to share their experiences as easily and as quickly as breathing, says Further - yet there's always pressure to ask more. Read on for tips on coping with this. (WEB).

An Essential Guide to Mobile Ethnography. Traditional ethnographers... are often social anthropologists and psychologists, who enter the 'habitat' they want to study, documenting their observations using film and audio recording, as well as pen and paper. In the new discipline, the participants themselves are the researchers, capable of documenting and sharing their lives via mobile phones and other portable devices. Download the complete Guide from Further (WEB).

Maximizing Mobile Study Effectiveness - smaller grids and shorter, well-targeted questionnaires... Toluna's Nathan Wimble writes on the GreenBook Blog (WEB)

In the News...

Qual Platform Sympler Expands to Australia
New York-based qualitative research platform Sympler is expanding to Australia, where it has hired Karen Dwyer as a Partner. More.
AppQuality Raises EUR 3.5m for Crowd Testing Platform
Milan, Italy-based crowd testing platform AppQuality has raised EUR 3.5m in a new round of funding, some of which will be used for expansion into new European markets. More.
ABC Loosens Newspaper Reporting Requirements
Britain's Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) has agreed that publishers will no longer have to make their circulation figures public. In addition, ABC will no longer publish its public monthly report, though the figures will still be available to advertisers. More.

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Senior Account Manager - Real-Time Customer Insights, Sydney (posted Dec 6th 2018)

Research Exec / SRE, Quant - Advertising and Brand - Next Generation Agency, Central London (posted Dec 6th 2018)

Senior Analyst, Consumer Insights, Canary Wharf, London (posted Dec 3rd 2018)

Senior Market Research Account Executive, Sydney (posted Nov 30th 2018)

Director - UX, San Francisco, CA, USA (posted Nov 28th 2018)

UX Visual Designer, Chicago, IL, USA (posted Nov 21st 2018)

Project Manager - Real-Time Customer Insights, Sydney (posted Nov 9th 2018)

Research Manager, Quant - Insight Consultancy - Retail and Consumer Tech, Central London (posted Nov 1st 2018)

Qual Associate Director - Global Culture / Film / Ethnography, London (posted Oct 30th 2018)

Qual Research Manager - Online Communities / Mobile - International, London (posted Oct 29th 2018)