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MRT Pundits - How it works

Each of our 'pundits' has been invited to write for the site by MrWeb, being known to us as a person with expert knowledge of the field. There are three or four for each sector at any on time, and each has agreed to write three or four items for their sector over the course of a year, so that one new feature appears each month for each sector. Pundits are allowed but not obliged to comment on each other's articles and of course take part in debates / answer comments about their own. At the end of 12 months, the idea is for a different group of experts to take over the writing.

Contributors are not paid, but equally a position as a pundit cannot be bought either directly or by taking advertising; pundits' companies get a certain amount of exposure simply because biographies of their experts appear and include links to current employers, but invites are based on merit / reputation.

Opinions and ideas expressed by pundits are their own and should not be assumed to be endorsed by MrWeb or by the pundits' own companies unless specifically stated. The comments at the bottom of articles are reviewed by MrWeb before publication to remove anything inappropriate such as abuse or blatant self-promotion (site owners' discretion) but inclusion does not indicate approval in any other sense.

Names and biographies of pundits can appear as soon as they have committed to write for the site, whether or not one of their articles has already been published.

We hope you find their opinions enjoyable and thought-provoking.



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