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Web Traffic Monitoring

Web Traffic Monitoring
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Web Traffic Monitoring
The past year: Major news stories and initiatives The past year: Major news stories and initiatives.
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Recent News Items
Web Traffic Monitoring

Nielsen Catalina Measures Cross-Screen Sales Impact
Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) has announced a new solution measuring the in-store sales driven by advertising across screens. More.
Privacy Update: COPPA, Shield and Carriers
GDPR and Cambridge Analytica aren't the only privacy stories in town. Elsewhere, US phone companies are in hot water for careless distribution of location data; comScore has been dragged into a Disney privacy suit; and the whole framework of EU-US data transfer is under fire again. More.
Nielsen Aus Juggles Complaints and Ratings Switch
In Australia, Nielsen is reportedly facing complaints and withholding of payment from a number of publishers, unhappy about the data in its Digital Ratings Monthly (DRM) solution, and discrepancies between DRM and the newer service Digital Content Ratings (DCR). More.

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What's Included?
Software and services that measure and analyse visitor numbers, page views, paths through sites and so on, producing ratings and rankings for web ad currencies, logs and stats for site managers, and other such data. (But not software which acts on this: separate pages will appear soon for Web Site Optimisation and for Behavioural Targeting).
EDITORIAL - Google: Guest or Gatecrasher?


comScore, Inc.
comScore has developed a revolutionary set of information products used by marketers, financial and strategic planners, money managers, economists and other senior executives. www.comscore.com

WebTrends Inc
We help you turn the data generated by your web site, blogs, online campaigns and enterprise systems into understanding of your customers and, ultimately, business opportunity. www.webtrends.com

Nielsen Online
Nielsen monitors and measures more than 90% of global Internet activity and provides insights about the online universe - including audiences, advertising, video, e-commerce and consumer behavior. www.nielsen-online.com


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