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Research+Results, Munich, October 23rd - 24th 2019

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Event details

succeet21 - Insights - Data - Analytics (Virtual Trade Show)

14/4/21 - 16/4/21

The New Trade Show For The Insights Industry.

Our new future-oriented exhibition, presentation and meeting concept connects providers with users of services from the fields of insights, data and analytics.

Now that Research & Results no longer exists, we are developing a new trade show format for the insights industry taking into account current hygiene regulations and travel restrictions and opening up digitalization potential. A hybrid exhibition, presentation and meeting concept, which we are realizing in close cooperation with professional IT companies, proven software tools and the Munich Order Center (MOC) of Messe München.

It is always people who do business. And people need information - but above all, they need the right contacts. Find out how to generate new leads and maintain existing contacts.

The business world thrives on the exchange of information, the mediation of offers and the presentation of one's own capabilities. New business relationships must be established and existing ones maintained. So far, trade shows, exhibitions and congresses have offered ideal opportunities for this.

Unfortunately, the Corona crisis has shown us our limitations in this respect and has made the economically necessary opportunities for meeting and presentation very limited or impossible.

And this is exactly where we want to start: We believe that every crisis has enough potential for a new beginning.

For more information, please visit www.succeet.de/en

The Venue

Virtual trade show on a digital platform.