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Neuromarketing and Eyetracking

Neuromarketing and Eyetracking
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Neuromarketing and Eyetracking
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Neuromarketing and Eyetracking

Slow Organic Growth for Ipsos - 23/4/14

Ipsos has reported a 4.5% drop in revenue to EUR 343.3m in the first quarter of 2014, compared with EUR 359.6m a year previously. However organic growth - at constant scope and exchange rates - was 1.5%, in line with the performances recorded in the third and fourth quarters of 2013. >> More

Toluna Adds BrainJuicer’s FaceTrace - 16/4/14

Online community and survey technology provider Toluna is integrating BrainJuicer’s proprietary emotion measure FaceTrace into its global survey platform. The upgrade will allow clients to gauge emotional reactions to stimuli such as products, web sites, packaging and ads. >> More

Ipsos Picks Realeyes as Facial Coding Partner - 9/4/14

London-based emotional analytics specialist Realeyes has signed an agreement to provide Ipsos with facial coding and body gesture response metrics, to help measure how people feel while they view advertising and communications content. >> More

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What's Included?
Increasingly, technology is being used to record or measure physical changes in the brain or body for MR or customer intelligence purposes. EEGs, fMRI and skin sensors can pick up things respondents don't or won't give voice to - as can cameras. Wikipedia definitions: neuromarketing and eye tracking.
EDITORIAL - Why don't we entirely trust Neuroscience?

Your customer is communicating to you, 2,000 times a second. We capture that communication ...measure it ...analyze it ...understand it like never before. www.neurofocus.com

Innerscope Research
Boston, MA-based Innerscope uses neuroscience and biometrics with its own proprietary software, to measure and analyze audience engagement with any media stimulus. www.innerscoperesearch.com


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