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Momentive Launches Idea Screening Solution

May 10 2022

SurveyMonkey parent Momentive has launched a new solution for concept and creative testing, Idea Screening. The tool promises 'quick, AI-powered insights on early-stage ideas, claims or concepts'.

Priyanka CarrIdea Screening integrates existing research methods with Momentive's global panel, allowing users to rapidly validate multiple stimuli with target audiences including the hard-to-reach; plus automated analysis features such as scorecards with statistical testing, word clouds, crosstab reports, filters and presentation-ready deliverables. The Momentive panel allows broad or niche B2B or B2C audiences, from a total of more than 175m people in more than 130 countries. The system can test up to twenty stimuli of 'any type', including video, text or images.

According to COO Priyanka Carr, 'Developing creative and products that fall flat with the market is an expensive, time-consuming mistake to make. Validating ideas with data before the development stage is critical to drive success. However, data has been hard to gather when you are still in a divergent thinking phase - before you've even chosen the name, logo, or design to test. Idea Screening addresses this need by empowering users to quickly identify the strongest, market-moving ideas at the earliest stage of development, allowing them to build products and campaigns with the confidence that they will resonate with the market'.

The firm is online at www.momentive.ai .

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